Standards Of Service

Standard of service under the Cycle Tech UK logo:

Each Cycle Tech UK member is a independent business working to the same high standard and service under the same logo. Like minded individuals who like to fix bicycles. Each member uses the logo identified by the area they cover. 

Cycle Tech UK set the standers to it's members so each customer is getting the same high service. Each member is autonomous and chooses how they operate their business day to day within the service set out below, and are solely responsible for complying with all laws and statutory regulations that are relevant to their business.
Any disagreements should be dealt with your cycle technician first. If you find you are not satisfied, please email to: 

Each Cycle Tech UK member has a minimum qualification of Cytech 2, (or equivalent) kept updated regular with training and product knowledge. Each member carries a full professional tool kit, and uses quality parts, enabling confidence to carry out all types of repairs. Cycle Tech UK believes in training our mechanics properly. All mechanics are sent through Cytech training in all aspects of bike maintenance. With nationally recognized qualifications in bike mechanics. Cytech is a series of exams testing on all aspects of cycle repairs. This is organized through the Association of Cycle Traders (ACT) a body committed to encouraging high standards within bike shops throughout the country.

Members are only listed on this website, once they have been approved. Each Member must renew their membership each year and they have complied to our standards and any updates for them to remain listed. 

The Cycle Tech UK name and logo:

Is an assurance of quality guarantee to our customers that we are all working to a high standard. And all members are committed to maintaining high standards of practice, set out by Cycle Tech UK.

Disputes and Termination of  Cycle Tech UK and it's members Agreement:

The agreement between Cycle Tech UK and it's members can be terminated with one month’s notice by either party. Cycle Tech UK members are independent businesses are entirely liable for their own work. Cycle Tech UK accept no liability for the individual members’ work, (however, they will make every reasonable effort to ensure that members work to an appropriate standard to protect the reputation of the group). In the event of a dispute with a Cycle Tech UK member, shall in the first instance be referred to a lead member of the Cycle Tech UK affiliation who will seek to resolve the situation by amicable means.

Cycle Tech UK members Commitments:

1. Cycle Tech UK members are independent businesses. It is assumed that the customer will identify the appropriate member and issue instructions by phone, text or email. The member will respond within an agreed time.
2. Cycle Tech UK members undertake to carry out all work with due diligence to a professional standard.
3. Cycle Tech UK members will use the appropriate professional quality equipment and materials and will attend with all appropriate equipment.
4. The Cycle Tech UK member is responsible for contacting the customer and making the appointment within 24 hours of being requested to attend.
5. Cycle Tech UK members will attend appointments with customers within a reasonable time frame, no more than 7 days from time of contact, except where the customer seeks a delay or it can be shown that the customer is being unreasonable. The member will make all reasonable efforts to meet the customer’s requested time within the constraints of an efficient route and existing appointments.
6. It is Cycle Tech UK’s responsibility to attend on time, or to communicate with the customer where there is good reason for the appointment to be re-arranged.
7. Cycle Tech UK members are required to maintain public Liability insurance.
8. Cycle-Tech members will at all times is courteous to the customer.
9. The Cycle Tech UK mechanic will carry out all work with the minimum disruption to the customer. However, it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that there is a suitable and safe place to work on the bike. If no suitable premises are available, Cycle Tech UK reserves the right to make an additional charge for the carriage of the cycle to a suitable place of work.
10. Where the service is required to be carried out indoors, the mechanics will take reasonable precautions to protect any floor coverings, decorations and furnishings from damage.
11. The work place provided must be free from children and animals to avoid any accidents or injuries.
12. The mechanic is not obliged to offer any service in a place where there is a Health and Safety risk.
13. A Cycle Tech UK member will be expected to provide service within his agreed area at the agreed rate. A Cycle Tech UK member may provide service outside his area by mutual agreement. If a member is unable to provide cover in their own area in a timely fashion, the Cycle Tech UK group may seek to cover from another member, subject to this being economic. In the event of a member being unable to fulfil his obligations, Cycle Tech UK would not require the consent of the member to provide alternative cover.

Misleading advertising:

Cycle Tech UK is not responsible for advertising content, what a member chooses to add on their own website. 

Advertisements which mislead or which may mislead the people who receive them are forbidden.
To prevent misleading advertising to trading standards and must be transparently to the general public.
The conditions governing the supply of the services, must clearly define as main services offered to the public as;

Members shall only advertise in their territory and use words to describe the goods & services to their business offered.

Where services are taken to the customer; If 90% of a Member business is mobile "Mobile bicycle repair specialist" should be referred to as; a bicycle repair service made available at customers home or place of work, from a professorial mobile workshop or cargo bike, trailer or another vehicle that has been approved by Cycle Tech UK Ltd and have a minimum level of workshop parts in stock and tools set out by Cycle Tech UK Ltd to perform regular maintenance.

If 90% of a Member business is conducted from a workshop "Bicycle repair specialist" or "The bicycle workshop" should be referred to as a collection & delivery service using a suitable vehicle. Or drop off & pick up at the workshop is made easily accessible to Members customers.  

Where both mobile and pickup service is available as 50/50% of A Members main business, excluding events & bike clinics. It will be made clear to the public, how the Member operates their day to day business as offering mobile bicycle repairs + pickup & delivery service or/and a drop off service. Example: Workshop and mobile service available 6 days a week 8am to 5:30 pm. 

Comparative advertising:

Comparative advertising explicitly or by implication makes reference to a competitor or competing goods or services.
This type of advertising is only permitted when it is not misleading. It can be a legitimate means of informing consumers of what is in their interests. Therefore, in particular, the comparisons should:

  • relate to goods or services which meet the same needs or are intended for the same purpose;
  • relate to products with the same designation of origin;
  • deal objectively with the material, relevant, verifiable and representative features of those goods or services, which may include price;
  • avoid creating confusion between traders, and should not discredit, imitate or take advantage of the trade mark or trade names of a competitor.
Advertising using the Cycle Tech UK name & logo:

  • Not to be used to identify goods or services that are not available to the customer.
  • Not to be used to identify goods or services offered by a competitor.
  • Must be used as set out in Cycle Tech UK's agreement. See more on our Copyright page

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