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Cycle Tech UK differs from its rivals by going the extra mile

From residential to contract maintenance, clubs & event support, Cycle Tech UK has you covered.

Below is a list of services offered by Cycle Tech UK:

Service & Repair to all makes of bicycles working to a service schedule  
New bicycle built and safety checked. To BS6102 PT 1, 1992.
Qualified e-bike technicians for BOSCH, Shimano and all other good makes. For assembly, servicing, maintenance and repairs. 
Suspenstion service to most makes & models 
Cycle Tech UK Carry an extensive range of parts and accessories.
National mechanical support at cycle events £P.O.A a day/mechanic plus any travel costs
Training knowing how to maintain your bicycle with Park Tool Home Mechanics School can help you avoid extra repair bills and keep your bicycle operating at its best. Cycle Tech UK will show you how to keep your bicycle in top condition, with simple checks to make sure things are running as they should with the Practical bicycle home mechanics school.
Service support Cycle Tech UK Service, repair and carry out warranty issues with many bike brands that sell on the internetOnline bike sales like the peace of mind of a new bike assembled correctly. Often seen as a selling point - offering this type of service, with fewer returns and more happy customers. Our mobile workshops have the means to service entire fleets onsite
Dr Bike A regular on-site service where staff can have their bikes serviced, cleaned & repaired while they work. At schools, for local authorities, universities and activity centres
Fleet maintenance because our repair shop is mobile, Cycle Tech UK is also the perfect choice for Fleet Maintenance. Servicing fleets of bicycles at your place of business.

For Partnership, Work With Us, Contract Services & Corporate Programs See More below

For national repairs, assembly, corporate enquiries or to book a service day; Please email: martin@cycle-tech.co.uk or Call: 0773961457

Bicycle Repairs That Come To You
We Come To You!

Cycle Tech's Network is an ideal partner to allow you to launch a nationwide service:

Aftercare service from Cycle Tech DIRECT  

Can we be your service partner? 

"Get your brand associated with our approved and trusted network of mechanics" 

By being the largest Network of Approved Mobile Bicycle Mechanics, that can assembly or service any bicycle or eBike. By giving continuous backup and service support including dealing with any warranty issues. 
  • As our unique mobile service centres, deal direct with your customer face to face.
  • You can now offer your customers peace of mind when buying online.
  • Our unique mobile service can work with you to be sure that the bikes you sell online will be assembled to the highest standards, by the largest network of experienced and qualified cycle mechanics.
With the growth of online sales, you can now offer backup and support, to look's after all your customer’s needs, to make sure they keep coming back to you and tell their friends of your great services. 

"With customers doing the PDI'ing this can add to the number of complaints and returns due to unskilled assembly"
  • Cycle Tech UK recommends every bike should undergo a PDI, with a little time spent with the customer to set them up, show them the gears and any cycling related issues.
  • Cycle Tech UK recommends the first service between 4 and 6 weeks after PDI
  • Cycle Tech UK can deal with any warranty issues directly with the customer.
  • Cycle Tech UK can carry out any service or repair work direct to you or the customer.
  • Cycle Tech UK work to a service schedule to the bike and use. All work is then carried out to our service checklist, with any additional work required would be reported, that would be carried out on the day or advice given and rebooked at a time to suit, depending on the work required; urgent or so many miles due or % worn.
Cycle Tech UK carry a large stock of quality parts and would fit a like for like or better quality and never poor quality parts.  

Contract services Where we are confident that we will ensure provision of high quality services and is the most cost effective option for you.

With our large network of members operating in most areas of the UK, we are an ideal partner to allow you to launch a nationwide service. Cycle Tech UK can provide a complete servicing package for you and are happy to design a service to suit your needs. (Working to a service schedule that we will taylor to your bikes and offer advice on service upgrades to make your bikes more reliable and cost effective)
Cycle Tech UK operate under our own brand but we are happy to provide services for other brands. All Cycle Tech UK need from you is a realistic business model, and by that Cycle Tech UK mean one where Cycle Tech UK are able to offer our professional service at our already reasonable rates - Cycle Tech UK are giving you a way to get your business off the ground, Cycle Tech UK don't expect to have to give you money as well! If you need Cycle Tech UK to be offering a low priced deal to make your business plan work, then you have failed at the first hurdle, it is not in our interests to subsidise other people's dream business! Our rates are visible to the public.
Where there is travelling involved, we need to recover vehicle costs and time spent travelling which is time not spent not earning money by fixing bikes. Don't be put off though, the bike industry is growing massively and there is plenty of room for different approaches to delivering bike maintenance to ensure customers a safe and enjoyable ride.
Contact us to talk about how this unique service can work with your online brand as we are already working for direct online bicycle retailers.

The price will be determined by the individual service requirements based on your pedal bicycle. Cycle Tech UK don't have a set price for every bike, each customer, and the conditions that require unique pricing, until we see the bike in question we can give you costing. As you grow the number of bike sales or fleets and with good planning, Cycle Tech UK are happy to offer support at this early stage and can review after 3/6 months to find solutions to operate more efficiently with your product and help you cut service costs. Being local we can be competitive. 

Cycle Tech UK Mobile Network can work with you as an approved service partner or you can give us a go by finding the nearest mechanic from our Listing and view our Price Menu

Cycle Tech UK Services

Work with us "YOUR BRAND"

We regularly work with some of the biggest and most exciting brands out there and pride ourselves on letting the cycling community know whats available for their ride

As well as chatting to fellow bicycle mechanics and helping first-time mobile bike shops hit the road, we also give cycling advice to our customers. we would love to hear from companies and brands who share a similar vision; to get more people cycling, that cycling should be fun and accessible.

BRAND AMBASSADOR – Partner with Cycle Tech UK for representation of your product and brand.

WEBSITES ADVERTISING – Professional content creation for your marketing campaigns, and targeted advertising through the Cycle Tech UK website and social media channels.

AFFILIATE - Directing customers to your website to buy your products and recommend products. Our mechanics see 100's of customers each week and they can recommend your products as replacement, upgrades and introducing accessories, that they can buy direct.

"What I love about working with Martin is that he is not only a professional and highly capable individual, he is truly dedicated about his work, a unique person who dares to live the life so many people talk about and 100% does what he says"
- Stephan Jessop, Whole Recovery 

Bicycle mechanics "Your business our network"

Add Your Business Details - For Referrals:

I receive enquiries every day through our website, from bicycle repairs to bike builds across the UK. Cyclists and online suppliers are looking for our mobile services.
By forwarding these enquiries to the nearest mechanic, we can continue to grow and help more people to cycle.

"Referrals Are One Of The Easiest Ways To Grow Any Business"

Would you like gain more customers? 

To be added to our database for approved cycle assembly group of mobile mechanics. Subject to approval of your business (Minimum level 2 mechanic, working full time, fully insured, tools and van) email me your business detail today:  martin@cycle-tech.co.uk 

"You will get much better results if you are affiliated with us"

Sponsored By Cycle Tech UK

Mobile Bicycle Mechanics Unite.

Be part of the national supply chain service, matching good 
mechanics with customers, helping each other to grow stronger. Read more HERE

Corporate Programs:

A healthier workforce means higher productivity. Cycling to work is a great way for people to get, and stay, fit and healthy. With our large network of mechanics operating in most areas of the UK, we are an ideal partner to allow your corporation to become a cycle-friendly workplace.
A regular or one-off service where staff can have their bikes serviced, cleaned & repaired while they work. Some organisations pay Cycle Tech UK directly to run safety checks (MOTs) on employees' bikes. This approach supports their health and safety objectives around cycling and is an attractive benefit for employees. Other companies prefer that onsite servicing is completely employee-driven and funded, but are willing to make space available for our team to work (e.g. a basement or car park). Choose either option or alternatively, we would be delighted to create a solution tailored to your organisation's specific needs:
  • On-Site Bicycle servicing by visiting a corporate workplace 
  • Combining corporate team building with learning bicycle maintenance and safety
  • Valeting service
  • Day rates
  • Employee-driven and funded (Minimum of 4 bikes)
  • The company pays for labour and staff pay for parts.
  • Fleet sales and bike builds
  • Book a Mobile Mechanic to support your bike event
Activities such as day clinics or support services you would need to contact us as your idea of what is needed may not be the same as our view based on several years of offering these services.

  • Free to the company. Simply schedule a time for our van to visit your location.  Employees pay directly for any requested Cycle Tech UK Bicycle Repair services.
  • Subsidized Program £P.O.A -  Carrying out Dr Bike (M.O.T Checks and basic adjustments with a report. Service and repairs Company pays for us to be on site all day employees pay for any parts
Discounts available for multiple bookings (e.g 8 hours booked 4 times a year), for 2 mechanics per day or for 2 more days booked at a time. 

Savings are made possible, compared to the standard hourly rate of servicing just 1 bicycle.  

*Travel charge may apply for London

Because our repair shop is mobile, Cycle Tech UK is the perfect choice for fleet Maintenance and Corporate Programs. Servicing fleets of bicycles at your place of business, at schools, for local authorities, universities and activity centres.

Making the workplace more cycle friendly and your company offering the following to it's employees:

  • On-Site bicycle servicing by visiting a corporate workplace 
  • Combining corporate team building with learning bicycle maintenance and safety
  • Valeting service
  • Technical support for corporate cycling events
  • Secure & safe bicycle parking facilities
  • New bikes & equipment saving TAX through the Cycle to Work scheme
  • Cycle hire, cycle fleet or pool bikes
  • Travel planning & cycle routes 
  • Incentives to encourage and assist staff to start cycling to work 
  • Launch Workplace BUG (Bicycle User Group) to maintaining the enthusiasm  
  • Low-cost measures to make cycling to work easier for their employees
  • Cycle training, learn the skills for cycling on the UK's roads though Bikeability 
  • Keeping track and monitoring how well your company is encouraging cycling into the workplace

Links To Resources:

Cycle Tech UK can supply a mobile on-site service, at your workplace. To the public or any corporate business that use Cycle2work, Cycle System, Bike2work, Fleet Maintenance, Pool bikes, Transport and local authorities.

If you are thinking of starting a workplace service business? Please read our Blog

Corporate Programs
On-Site bicycle servicing at a corporate workplace

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Cycle Tech UK will be providing high-end experience, from our skills and knowledge.

*Cycle Tech UK Mechanics do NOT assemble bikes from; Supermarkets or Catalogue Companies. (Argos, Asda, Tesco or Littlewoods type companies)