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Buy your new bike online and book Cycle Tech UK to build your new bike at home

Home Bike Build Service
At Your Door Service

Buy your new bike online and have it fully assembled at your home, by a professional Cycle Technician. *Cost may vary depending on the bike brand.

It is very important to have your new bicycle built/set-up correctly, for safety reasons, for brakes and gears to work correctly/smoothly and to give you years of enjoyment. 
Many bicycles are now brought on the Internet and are delivered in a box and require assembling, adjusting and setting up.
Cycle Tech UK recommends your new bicycle is assembled by an expert to British Standards 6102 as below:

Bicycles built at your home
Bicycles built at your home

Aftercare From Cycle Tech UK

Your Bike Our Network
 Order your bike online (or we can supply a bike from one of our Partners and we will build and deliver to you) or book Cycle Tech UK to build your new bike with our Home Bike Build Service 
 Every bike needs a mechanic once in a while. To make sure that your bike runs smoothly, book an on-site service.
 If for some reason your bike needs warranty work, Cycle Tech UK are there to assist. To ensure that you do not have to ship your bike back, take your bike anywhere, or any additional costs for warranty service.

Options available:  
  1. Bike build £45.00 
  2. Bike build with follow up 1st service between 4 - 6 weeks £75.00 (when paid at the same time)

Our Home Bike Build Service Includes: 
  1. Agreed on home visit appointment
  2. Remove bike from box and put bike in work-stand
  3. Correctly position bars, stem and tighten to correct torque settings 
  4. Adjust bar levers position
  5. Pedal threads greased and fitted
  6. Fit front wheel (Lightly grease quick release skewer) and tighten
  7. Ensure tyres seating correct and fitted with correct rotational direction
  8. Inflate tyres to correct pressure
  9. Check spoke tension and wheel trueness, ensure wheels are securely attached
  10. Wheel hubs rotate freely and no side play
  11. Check and adjust headset free play
  12. Connect front brake and adjust 
  13. Check cable routing (to UK brake position - right hand front brake)
  14. Ensure seat and seat post are adjusted to rider and secure
  15. Check crank bolts, where applicable
  16. Check chainring bolts, where applicable
  17. Set front and rear derailleur limit screws
  18. Adjust cable tension to ensure smooth indexing of gears
  19. Set up brakes in line with manufacturers recommendations
  20. Check pad alignment and adjust as necessary
  21. Check cables for smooth running, lubricate, as necessary
  22. Any suspension bikes correctly set to rider's weight/style and pivot bolts torqued 
  23. Fit reflectors and bell
  24. Fit and adjust any additional components, as necessary
  25. Ensure all additional bolts are correctly tightened, as necessary
  26. Test ride and riding position fine-tuned, any functions explained
  27. Manual/tools/instructions presented and bike signed for 
Bike Build
Bike in a box

  • As above plus
  • Check for software updates
  • Check battery charge and for secure fitting
  • Lock and key(s) operate correctly 
Your Cycle Technician will also be happy to show you how the gears work, how to look after your bike between services and any cycling advice.

PDI Check Sheet on completion, that you can save for warranty and service history. 

PDI checked to conform to BS6102 Part 1 & 2 and the relevant EN safety standard, as applicable. 
For only £45.00 (For Electric bikes that require software updates and settings. Ask your nearest Cycle Technician for pricing)  

All bike mechanics have the minimum bike industry Cytech Level 2 or City & Guilds Level 2 or 

The bike industry recommends the 1st service between 4 - 6 weeks of owning your bicycle. 
To check your brakes and gear adjustments, and the attention of all bearings and bolts between 4 - 6 weeks as part of a 1st service.
If you are unsure please contact your Cycle Tech mechanic.

Cycle Tech UK have a service maintenance schedule for every bicycle, eBike and eScooters.
It is essential that you have your bike serviced as scheduled (at the services and time or distance) to retain its high level of safety, dependability, and performance.  

Please check to see if the service is available in your area
Find your nearest Cycle Technician by filling in Booking Form
Or email:

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"Hi, Help, please!
I bought my son a BMX for Xmas, and he doesn’t know about it.
Having unboxed it, there aren’t really any instructions on putting it together. There’s not much to do, but I don’t really want to get it wrong.
Are you able to come round in the next couple of days and put it together? Sorry, it’s short notice"

Enjoy riding your new bicycle. Martin Cycle Tech UK

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