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Cycle Tech UK and the practical bicycle home mechanics school!

Cycle Tech UK has teamed up with Park Tool; The Number 1 in bicycle Tools and we have created The Park Tool School Of Home Mechanics.

It's a course designed by Park Tool and taught in the UK by a limited number of accredited workshops.
All students will receive The Park Tool School certificate after successfully completing the Park Tool School of Bicycle Repair and Maintenance Clinic.

Park Tool School
Lear to fix your own bike at your home "we come to you"

Cycle Tech UK Instructors are qualified cycle mechanics, who will guide you in easy steps how to maintain your bicycle with Park Tools.
The course is aimed at the beginner and those with a little mechanical knowledge. After the course, you will have a basic knowledge and an understanding of how to look after your bicycle and do your own repairs, cutting the cost of maintenance, and enjoying more time cycling.

For bookings and info please email: martin@cycle-tech.co.uk   

Gift vouchers available. See Here

Approved Instructors and authorized Park Tool Distributors:

As the name suggests, these courses are run at your home subject to being in striking distance to a Part Tool instructor, currently located:
D of E Award Program available - Development of practical skills and personal interests.  

Knowing how to maintain your bicycle can help you avoid extra repair bills and keep your bicycle operating at its best. We will show you how to keep your bicycle in top condition, with simple checks to make sure things are running as they should.

Cycle Maintenance Classes:

1/2 day course available throughout the year. 
Foundation course in home cycle maintenance – 1/2 day- Cost: £85.00. Discounts for group bookings.
The course includes wheel removal and installation, puncture repair, gear tuning and basic brake adjustment. Want to know how to set up your bike correctly (vital if you're going to be comfortable, cycle efficiently and avoid injury), we will cover this too.
In summary, you will learn:-

Name that part - Learn the correct names for the parts of a bike

Remove and replace your wheels correctly

Remove and replace tyres without causing a puncture

Basic wheel truing – essential for better braking

How to tell if your brake blocks need replacing - Learn how to replace your brake blocks & brake adjustment

Set up your gears and if they won’t set up - learn why

Wash and Lubricate routine

Information on tools

Intensive course in home cycle maintenance – 2 day 
Courses normally run in the week and only available October till April. Or we can offer a series of half day courses run over 4 weeks during the summer period. *By selective instructors ONLY
Costs: £300 for the 2-day Advanced class or £170 for the one-day intermediate class. 

The first day is a mixture of theory and practical work. You will be shown how each component of the bike works how it is fitted and adjusted and maintained. You will then practice on your own or the workshops training bikes. On the second day you will put your newly gained knowledge to use by giving your own bike a complete service, stripping the bike down to its frame and then rebuilding it. For those unable to spare a full 2 days in one go, the first day can be attended as a one day course, with the option adding the second day at a later stage. 

Morning session as Foundation course above plus:

Brake adjustment – for powerful, silent stopping & replace disc pads (disc brakes)

Adjusting hub bearings – for maximum life and smooth running

When and why does a chain need changing - How to break and rejoin a chain correctly

Bottom bracket and headset adjustment

Recommendations for routine bicycle servicing & On ride repairs

And day 2: Bike strip down,  rebuild and service – putting your new skills to the test!

Wider maintenance and cycling issues – plus whatever comes up on the day.

Chat all things cycling over a brew!

Bespoke home maintenance: 

Cycle Tech UK can tailor a Park Tool course to your needs.

There is also a course in home cycle maintenance for MTB'S. Common problems found from the riding conditions of MTB'S. To include Foundation course in home cycle maintenance plus Removing, cleaning and re greasing headsets & bottom brackets. And what tools you will need!

You can even build your new bicycle as part of the course. (Your new bicycle brought on-line in a box.) You can now build yourself with guidance.

Do your own service. Can’t get your new bike back to the shop, or online store.

Book a course and learn to do it your self.

Home Mechanics School
Chat all things cycling over a coffee!

For more information please call Martin 07739 614 579 or e mail: service@cycle-tech.co.uk   

Our courses are for the home mechanic and Park Tool School. 

The "other Cytech", Cytech is the recognised training and accreditation scheme for bicycle mechanics.
Cycle Tech UK is not associated (although many of our mechanics are trained by them)

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  1. HI Martin

    Thanks for your training i really enjoyed it and found it very beneficial being hands on

    Look forward to catching up with the tools
    Please send me the PDF’s you mentioned


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