Providing national coverage for new bike builds, service and warranty from the largest network of mobile bicycle mechanics in the world.


Association of mobile mechanics who can find strength in numbers while sharing common interests.

"We can achieve far more collectively than by working alone"

For already established mobile bike businesses who want to join an Association:

Our objectives and why join an association:
Mission:Together we can become a household name for every cyclist in the world to turn to and become known for helping more people to cycle.
 One centralised hub for mobile bicycle mechanics - Join an established Association Of Mobile Bicycle Mechanics for mutual benefits, common purpose, protection and advancement 
 For those who doesn't want to be in direct competition, but want to work together to pursue goals and help our members
 Non exclusive Territory - For our "Find Approved Mechanic" postcode search, so we can direct jobs within striking distance
 As a group, we can offer the same pricing structure for event support, warranty and service contracts across the UK
✔ Mechanical group support, sharing tech help and were to find those hard to find parts
✔ We work closely with trade suppliers - Be in a better position as a recognized group for bulk buying at a much better rate on workshop parts
 Tap in to our trade contacts and partners - with Cycle Tech DIRECT
 Focus on delivering a better and efficient service nationally
 Yearly fee to join - Includes:
  • Logo for recognition 
  • AGM, 
  • Networking at trade shows
  • Local networking with neighbouring mobile businesses
  • News letters
  • Business listing on our authorized mechanics page
  • Added to our Postcode search, Map below and on our App 
 100% of everything made on each job goes to the mechanic
✔ Encouraged to get actively involved within the group and be rewarded 

For more info see our F.A.Q Page or call me today

Adding Your Business Details - For Referrals:

Receiving enquiries every day through our website, from bicycle repairs to bike builds across the UK. Cyclists and online suppliers are looking for our mobile services.
By forwarding these enquiries to the nearest mechanic, we can continue to grow and help more people to cycle.

"Referrals Are One Of The Easiest Ways To Grow Any Business"


Being a mobile business, already makes it very convenient for cyclists to use your services, so why not offer Bike build /Cycle assembly - from rapidly growing on-line sales direct-to-consumer.

Would you like gain more customers? 

  • Established mobile business 
  • Drive to build your business, and grow our network
  • A passion for all things cycling "Obsessed would be better"
  • Share your ideas, knowledge, and skills 
  • Help more people to be part of the cycling revolution. 
How does it work?

Cycle Tech UK helps you gain more customers. You can get started today:
  1. To be added to our database for approved cycle assembly group of mobile mechanics. Subject to approval of your business (Minimum level 2 mechanic, working full time, fully insured, tools and van or suitable cargo bike) email me your business details today. To:  martin@cycle-tech.co.uk 
  2. Set up a meeting with me & pay yearly fee
  3. Copy the html code below and paste to your home page
  4. And your details will be added to our database and postcode search, map and App
  5. Invited to our Facebook closed group CycleNetwork
Questions? Request a Callback

"You will get much better results if you are affiliated with an Association"

Sponsored By Cycle Tech UK

Mobile Bicycle Mechanics Unite.
Be part of the national supply chain service, matching good
mechanics with customers and helping each other to grow stronger.

Send Me Your Business Details:

Business Name:
Phone Number:

Image and logo
Date business established:

HTML CODE Copy & Paste:

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<div class="site-branding" style="font-style: normal;">
<b>Find a Bicycle Mechanic Near Me</b></div>
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Find a Bicycle Mechanic Near Me
Sponsered By Cycle Tech UK

 With over 100 vans on the road across UK & Ireland.

Find a mechanic from the largest national network of mobile bicycle mechanics in the UK. Mobile bicycle repair specialists. 

Approved bike companies please email service@cycle-tech.co.uk and we will direct you to a cycle technician within striking distance.

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