Electric Bike Service & eBike Conversions

You have an electric bike and don't know where to take it for service, repairs or modifications?

We make it easy and we come to you

Cycle Tech UK have fully trained eBike mechanics on hand to fix your electric bike, modify it or even just give it a service. We sell all the major brands of parts including Shimano, Sram, and BOSCH. So we can easily update your bike with better brakes, gears, change tyres as well fixing any faults you may have. Mobile service centre for all the major brands.

eBike Doctor on call

Our mechanics are level 2 industry trained, BOSCH & Trans X certified and are avid cyclists.
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All our Cycle Tech Mechanics have a fully and professionally kitted out mobile workshop allowing us to complete virtually any job on any bike on site.

Electric Bike Service

e Bike Conversions

Did you know you can Convert your bike for a fraction of the cost of buying a new one?

Most people think that if you want to buy an electric bike you would have to buy a factory built an electric bike and replace your existing bike. However, if your current bike is in good condition, or has been specially built for you, not only is this a waste of a good bike but it can also be expensive. An expense you don't really need!

eBike Conversions

Here at Cycle Tech UK, we offer you a solution so you can keep your existing bike and is easier on your pocket. Having your bike converted to electric can be as low as 25% of the cost of buying a new electric bike.

If you would like to discuss converting your bike to Electric contact us by email martin@cycle-tech.co.uk Or give us a call on 07739614579 or WhatsApp +4407739614579