Start A Mobile Bike Business In 2018

With Cycle Tech UK 

Start your own bike business working with a cooperative of professional businessmen and be part of the largest network of mobile bicycle mechanics in the world...............

Start A Mobile Bike Business In 2018 

And take advantage of our already established business model, Cycle Tech UK is now over 10 years old and still growing. 

Territory Enquiry's for 2018
Cycle Tech UK will begin accepting location submissions in 2018 to Partner with Cycle Tech UK. And wanted to give you a head start
We are not a franchise, it's your own business and you will be part of Cycle Tech UK. A national Network "A Cooperative business" a local business with the support from The Largest Network Of Mobile Bicycle Mechanics in the world".

We are growing fast and from April 2018 we will increase the price to join our established network

Who we partner with?
At Cycle Tech UK, we seek to partner with like-minded people who have a strong desire to drive change in the cycling industry and pursue their passion for cycling.

"Working alone can teach you a lot, but you don't have to be alone"

The preferred Cycle Tech UK Member is focused on developing their territory in a mobile van "The Mobile Bicycle Workshop" servicing their area to capitalize on demand.

Take advantage of our business model
  • You will be working under the same umbrella and be part of a large establishment.
  • The mobile bicycle workshop - where it's convenient to work on site to save the customer time and work direct with the customer.
  • Great cash-flow business - Get payment when you hand your invoice, trade accounts that give you a week - month to pay.
  • No monthly franchise fee's to pay
  • Our branding - already established and known in the cycling community and bike trade. 
  • Added to our postcode search and map listing, to put you in striking distance. 
  • Direct contact with our service partners.
  • Group support, networking, trade contacts, and AGM. You have your own business, but with national support. 
  • Use our system - the way we operate, day to day running of a mobile business. Don't go in to business with out a plan!
  • What to stock- where to buy and group bulk buying discounts.
  • A day on the road - a day with me or lead member, to learn the ropes. What they don't teach you at the bicycle school. How to service a bike & what is included. How to check a bike and find problems before the customer does. Use our check lists and make a report, pricing, gaining trust, gain repeat business and how to find more customers.
  • While service and repairs are the main incomes, there are multiple ways to earn revenue. New bike Builds, Dr. Bike, Events, Cooperate days, Home Mechanic's School, eBike conversations, Bike Sales, parts & Accessories and a few other areas that can provide ongoing monthly revenue streams. 
  • Being part of any network is good for your business, not just in the beginin but also for the long term.
Having the right tools at arms reach

In the last 10 years the bike business has changed a lot, the bikes, the increase in the cost of parts, what to stock, tooling, and training. 

The two things that have not changed, is the way we give customers good value for our services. 
And by working onsite, directly with our customers, we can easily explain what work/advice is recommended in turn gives us trust as being a great mechanic that they are happy to use us again and recommend to a cycling buddy.

Open Day with Martin

If you are interested in becoming a partner with Cycle Tech UK
Over the next 3 months, we are having free open days where you can meet me, see the mobile workshop and ask questions. 
This will be in the High Wycombe area near J4 M40 Between London and Oxford (RG9 6QA)

1st December (Afternoon)
16th January 10:30 - 12:30 flexable 
14th February 10:30 - 12:30 flexable 

Due to demand Open Days in Coventry 

Dates in April T.B.A Please email me your interest 
There will be a cost of only £65.00 This will include a 2 hour bicycle school, a chance to meet me and lead member Mike. Ask questions 'talk shop' to find out if investing in the cycle trade is for you. We can also help you if you are thinking of opening a shop.

If you decide to join our Network you will be deduted the £65.00. 
Also if you are intrested on the day or if you join Cycle Tech trade price on tools and setup stock. 

Why you should attend:
  • To see if this business is for you
  • Meet me with over 20 years experience in mobile repair business and Stuart who joined 1 year ago. To ask us questions, detailed information and know life on the road
  • See the mobile workshop
  • A look at what we are doing for 2018 and know our national service partners.
  • Where to find the best training and tools at trade
  • Those who join our network will also be invited to trade shows and our AGM which are in January and February to give your business a real kick start.

Email me to arrange a meeting RSVP 
With over 20 years of running a mobile service business. Martin Owner & founder of Cycle Tech UK Or  register your intrest please fill in the Form by clicking the link or fill the form below.
You will also receive a copy of our  information brochure which provides further details, joining fee, including an overview of our business model then please contact Martin Wilkins

Any questions that you have, great or small, just pick up the phone and call me 07739614579

We hope to hear from you soon.

Mobile Bicycle Repairs Nantglyn Denbigh

Business Name: Cycle Tech Denbigh T/A Trafford Cycles  

Phone Number: 07736061311
Contact: Guy
Specialising: Mobile bicycle repairs offering a great value personal service at times to suit customers with evenings and weekends being very popular. We will normally respond within 24 hours and either fix, service your bike on site or if it needs more detailed work or parts not stocked we will take the bike back to the workshop and return it as soon as it is repaired/ upgraded to our high standard. We carry many parts on the van although accessories, parts not carried can be obtained very quickly so you will be back on your bike without delay.
  • Cytech 2
  • BOSCH e bike Expert

Guy has the industry recognised bike mechanic qualification Cytech 2 and has over thirty five years experience of servicing and repairing bikes. All styles, models, makes of bikes, electric to high end competition level, will be fixed and customers will be very happy with the bespoke service they receive.
Nantglyn Denbigh 
Mobile workshop Nantglyn Denbigh

Electric Bike Service & eBike Conversions


You have an electric bike and don't know where to take it for service, repairs or modifications?
"We make it easy and we come to you"

Cycle Tech UK have fully trained eBike mechanics on hand to fix your electric bike, modify it or even just give it a service. We sell all the major brands of parts including Shimano, Sram, and BOSCH. So we can easily update your bike with better brakes, gears, change tyres as well fixing any faults you may have. Mobile service centre for all the major brands.

Side Note: Before calling
*ebike conversion kits can be sent to you. We also sell parts that we use to repair your e-bike. At this stage, we do not sell online or post parts out.
Before contacting, check there is a mechanic in your area by looking at our mechanic listing

Eskuta eBike
eBike Doctor on call

Our mechanics are level 2 industry trained, BOSCH & Trans X certified and are avid cyclists.
Also Read: Mobile Service Center for BOSCH e-Bike's

All our Cycle Tech Mechanics have a fully and professionally kitted out mobile workshop allowing us to complete virtually any job on any bike on site.

Electric Bike Service


Did you know you can Convert your bike for a fraction of the cost of buying a new one?

Most people think that if you want to buy an electric bike you would have to buy a factory built an electric bike and replace your existing bike. However, if your current bike is in good condition, or has been specially built for you, not only is this a waste of a good bike but it can also be expensive. An expense you don't really need!

eBike Conversions

Here at Cycle Tech UK, we offer you a solution so you can keep your existing bike and is easier on your pocket. Having your bike converted to electric can be as low as 25% of the cost of buying a new electric bike.

If you would like to discuss converting your bike to Electric contact us by email Or give us a call on 07739614579 or WhatsApp +4407739614579

Side Note: Before calling
*ebike conversion kits can be sent to you. We also sell parts that we use to repair your e-bike. At this stage, we do not sell online or post parts out.
Before contacting, check there is a mechanic in your area by looking at our mechanic listing

We make it easy to get in contact:

  • To book appointment's & for Customer Support get in touch by email or by using WhatsApp. 
  • Giving details of make/model of your bike(s)
  • Giving your contact number, your postcode & any photos
  • WhatsApp - will allow you to photograph or video any issue in more detail to help your mechanic. 
WhatsApp Cycle Tech 
To +447739614579
Or Use Our Booking Form