Bicycle Tools To Start A Business

Having the right tools for the job is the first step towards a successful business.

As bicycle have evolved over the years, it is necessary for specialized tools for working on a bicycle. I had my first tool set given to me at the age of 10 and I still use them, to this day.
Bicycle tools are not that expensive compered to what I had to spend on my 20 years in the motor trade. A full set of tools for someone who makes their living from will cost only £5k and you can buy a basic set and build your tool kit as your business grows.

"It takes experience to know the difference between a snug fitting tool and a disaster about to happen"

I don’t recommend buying cheap tools. You need to make your living from using these tools every day. Cycle Tech UK can provide guidance on essential tools to start up your business.

View the complete list of Tool Manufactures near the bottom of this page.

Bicycle Tool Kit
Having skills, knowledge and a full tool kit, you can be known as a 
Pro Mechanic and offer a better service.

As a Cycle Tech UK member, you have huge savings on Park Tools. You can order your tools from me. And collect when visiting/meeting at the Saturday bike clinic I run and you have the choose to help at the clinic. Please contact me for payment details.

This tool kit along with the truing stand, work stand and a few other items, is what's recommended to anyone starting a professional mobile bike business. Once your business starts to make a profit and you see the type of jobs you are doing regularly, you can slowly invest in buying more tools.
"Every mechanic needs tools. How can you operate as a business without them? While this is true you don't need to invest in buying the master tool set, even if you have the money available. Sure it works out cheaper buying the master set, but will you get a quick return on your investment? I would buy tools as I need them, you cam always review your business situation after your first year of trading. After your you have attended the training and possible a day with me, you will have a better understanding of what other tools you may need - will you specialise in suspension, disc brakes, campagnolo, wheel building or even bike builds. These will be the specialist tools you will need to perform each task. 


After buying your tool kit, you will also need a work-stand, work bench and somewhere to store your tools. Bike shops tend to have a tool board. As I have spent 20 years as a motor mechanic, I have my tools stored in a tool chest and works well in the back of a van. Easy to find, more secure from theft and damage. Also a large tool board is using up valuable space for the storage of parts. 

Bicycle Tool Storage
Tool storage - Bott van storage 

Kit your van
Tools and Snap-on tool chest

Links To Bicycle Tool Manufacturers:
Frame building tools
Links to Tool Manufactures That Also Supply/Make Bicycle Tools:
  • Wera
  • Wiha For Torque Screwdrivers and Driver bits
  • Snap-On Make some of the best tools in the world. Their Hex Keys are a must for bicycle mechanics
  • RWC
  • Knipex
  • Tracy Tools - Taps, Dies & Reamers
Other Links:
  • RHC Tooling Official re-grinding partners for Park Tool in the U.K

Bike Wash & Lubrication

If you are looking for a unique tool you can't find, then please email me with details 

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