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How To Lose Weight & Get Fit Cycling

Cycling is a great way to keep fit, whether it's a new year start or a healthy lifestyle change it should be taken with the right mind-set!
But contrary to what you might think, you won't lose weight purely cycling!

"This post is intended for those new to cycling and want to get in to shape"
In fact, you may have to lose weight first, to avoid hurting your knees, or you may not be enjoying cycling and then give up! (This will depend on your weight and the last time you cycled or done any type of physical exercise)

"Exercising & diet speeds up your metabolism and makes it easy to lose weight"
Diet is over 80% the way you will lose weight. Cycling in time will help burn off the stubborn fat around your belly, tone muscle/preserve muscle and increase your cycling performance.
Sleep and rest days are more important than riding days, your body needs time to recover after being stressed. Have a day or 2 of rest between riding, in fact, recovery is crucial to…