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Mobile Bicycle Mechanic Southport Merseyside

Business Name: Cycle Tech Southport
Phone Number: 07749 659239
Contact: Alistair Imrie

Specialising: Repairs and servicing of all types of bicycle.  Work can be done on site or collect/return service available. Area covered is Southport and surrounding areas such as Formby, Ainsdale, Crossens, Scarisbrick and anywhere within 10-15 miles.

Qualifications: Cytech Level 2

During the last 5 years, Alistair has been working as a fully qualified Cytech level 2 mechanic in the cycling industry. This has been at both a Cycle Hire Centre in Southport and a local bike workshop in Ainsdale. Before starting his own mobile bike business to support the many cyclists in around Southport.
Cycle Tech Southport

Finding A Bicycle On ebay

When looking for a bargain, it is likely these days that you will turn to eBay for a second hand bike. While there are bargains to be had, when buying a second-hand bike, you need to be careful, because you may have a large repair bill to go with the bargain price. Even if the person is not intending to be dishonest, their idea of perfect condition may mean clean but worn out. In recent weeks two of our repairers have given out bills of well over £100 to make a bike usable, even though they were described "good as new".

There are a few things you should do when considering buying on eBay:

1) Never pay cash - always use one of the schemes that gives you protection.
2) Always collect in person - do not have it posted to you, and do not meet in some car park halfway.
3) Always ride the bike. Here is a quick road test check list:
- Pedal quite hard in every gear front and rear. If there is any skipping and banging, assume that you are going to need a new chain, cassette and chain rin…

Buying A New Bicycle

Is something which is well worth spending some time on. Whatever level of experience you have as a cyclist, choosing a bike which is right for your physique, requirements and the type of cycling which you intend to do is essential.

With today's easy to buy online sales and cheap deals, it's always worth noting where will you turn to for customer support when things go wrong? buying a bike online, normally means the bike has been flat packed into a box and will need assembling and setting up. Also how easy is it to send back in case of warranty and always search online for reviews about the bike you intend to buy and about the company selling before you part with your money should things go wrong.

What else you should think about:
Determine what your current and near future uses for the bike will be.
Set a budget, but be flexible, as spending a bit more you give you a lot more. If you haven't bought a bike for a long time you may be surprised with the price and accessories you …

Expedition Touring Bikes

Has been very popular for many years, but even more so now as cyclist come to realise that specialist light weight steel frames have a better feel and can be more personal.

Do you imagine cycling your way around the world or across a continent exploring at your own leisure, seeing things and places where a tour bus never goes?
So before departing on a tour of a lifetime you will need to have the right bike for your needs, that will last and be comfortable.

"Steel is easy to love, because it loves you back." 
Cycle Tech UK can build any type of bike for your cycling needs and we have also partnered with specialist touring Bike builder Richard Delacour at Oxford Bike Works.

For enquirers of touring bikes made by Oxford Bike Works. Please view Referral form at the bottom of this page. Or click HERE

Expedition bike "Prototype" 
If you are going to tour for longer, then you will need a custom expedition touring bike that is built using high quality parts that can handle…