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Winter Bike Checks

At any time of the year your bike should be in optimum working condition .
But even more so when the winter conditions put more wear on components and the rider requires performance from tyres and brakes. Many riders store their good bike for the winter and buy a cheap winter bike.

"Cycling in the snow and ice is hard on your bike"

Winter Bike Checks
By preparing frame and components.

Give your bike a good wash before winter sets in Cycle Tech UK does not recommend using a pressure washer to clean your bike or washing up liquid as it contains salt that is corrosive and abrasive. The pressure washer will force water into areas of the bike that it wouldn't normally find it’s way into eg: cable housing, frame structure, hubs, bottom bracket, headset, washing out all the vital oils and greases. You should use a bike wash like MUC-OFF which can be sprayed on the bike and mixed with hot water in a bucket, and using a brush to wash of mud and dirt. Degreaser …