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We Want To Get More People Cycling

Our network challenge:

Cycle Tech UK is taking steps to get more people to take their first steps to becoming a cyclist. 
By encourage people, who don't currently cycle, to have fun and give cycling a go.

By providing special offers:
Discount on cycle maintenance checks, targeted at people who've got old bikes that they haven't ridden in a while. Available at Dr Bikesessions found at schools & Council workplaces, bike clinics and at local events throughout 2014Special bike deals for people who do not yet own a bike or whose old bike is worn out beyond economical repair. PX or recycle your old unwanted bicycle when buying new and we will send it to our partner (Thomley Activity Centre a recreational facility for disabled children, their families, friends, schools and groups) Free advice: Helping those new to cycling choose the right bike for their needs.Free bike to rider setup and shown how to use the gears with every new bike sale. Cycle paths fromSustransfind and plain …