Bicycle Assembly & Servicing Across the UK

By the largest Network of Approved Mobile Bicycle Mechanics, that can assembly or service any *bicycle & eBike. By giving continuous backup and service support including dealing with any warranty issues. We also work with some insurance companies, with repairing and replacing damaged or stolen bikes. 
As our unique mobile service centers, deal direct with your customer face to face.

Your online business:
If you are investing in a new website and would like to encourage more online purchases of your products and do not wish to reduce service levels experienced by your customers. Then your search for a solution is you have just found our network of mobile cycle mechanics that can work & grow with your business plan!

Our simple solution:
"Locally targeting customers with a mobile mechanic"
When you come across customers where you feel that there might be a return involved, or the customer is unwilling to do battle with a local bike shop, use our postcode search or give me a call and I will see if we can identify someone within sensible striking distance of the customer.
We can deal face to face with your customer and together we can arrive at a sensible solution to keep the customer happy and avoid excessive costs for you. 

You can now offer your customers peace of mind when buying online.
Our unique mobile service can work with you to be sure that the bikes you sell online will be assembled to the highest standards, by the largest network of experienced and qualified cycle mechanics.
  • With the growth of on-line sales, you can now offer backup and support, to look's after all your customer’s needs, to make sure they keep coming back to you and tell their friends of your great services. 
  • With customers doing the PDI'ing this can add to the number of complaints and returns due to unskilled assembly. 
  • Cycle Tech UK recommends every bike should undergo a PDI, with a little time spent with the customer to set them up, show them the gears and any cycling related issues.
  • Cycle Tech UK can deal with any warranty issues direct with the customer.
  • Cycle Tech UK can carry out any service or repair work direct though you or the customer.

Cycle Tech UK Mobile Network can work with you as an approved service partner or you can give us a go by finding the nearest mechanic on the Map below or from our Postcode Search

We are part of a group of mobile cycle mechanics, "Cycle Tech UK". We've been going over 5 years now as a loose low cost franchise, where we are all independent traders but have the support of each other as a group which pays dividends in terms of access to suppliers and the ability to get quick answers when something unexpectedly falls apart in your hands! We are all at least Cytech 2 trained and Martin who set up the group has set a high standard for equipment and transport.
All of us are fully tooled up with quality tools, mostly Park Tools. Some of us see more mountain bikes, others are road oriented, and are experienced in SRAM, Shimano and Campagnolo including some exposure to Di2, EPS and ebikes. Read more: Standards of Service.....................

With our large network of members operating in most areas of the UK, we are an ideal partner to allow you to launch a nationwide service. Cycle Tech UK can provide a complete servicing package for you and are happy to design a service with you to suit your needs. Cycle Tech UK operate under our own brand but we are happy to provide services for other brands. All Cycle Tech UK need from you is a realistic business model, and by that Cycle Tech UK mean one where Cycle Tech UK are able to offer our professional service at our already reasonable rates. If you need Cycle Tech UK to be offering a low priced deal to make your business plan work, then you have failed at the first hurdle, it is not in our interests to subsidise other people's dream business! Our reasonable rates are visible to the public. Where there is travelling involved, we need to recover vehicle costs and time spent travelling which is time not spent earning money fixing bikes. Don't be put off though, the bike industry is growing massively and there is plenty of room for different approaches to delivering bike maintenance to ensure customers a safe and enjoyable ride.

If this produces a benefit for you, we could then look at how you could market this as a support service - we are happy to lend our name to a supplier of quality goods and receive the benefit of building a relationship with a new customer. The arrangement can be as simple as that, or you could consider whether you want to leverage that further to break the barrier to Internet sales by offering customers a 1st service offer or something similar.

Contact us to talk about how this unique service can work with your online brand as we are already working for direct online bicycle retailers.
Call us on 07739614579 or email

Please see the map below to view our coverage.

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*Cycle Tech UK Mechanics do NOT assemble bikes from; Supermarkets or Catalogue Company’s. (Argos, Asda, Tesco or Little Woods type companies)

Kind Regards 

Martin The founder of Cycle Tech UK Ltd 2007

Beating Bike Theft

For many bike riders, the threat of bike theft is just one of those things they learn to live with. The issue tends to be trivialised by police, which is of no comfort, seeing as many dedicated cyclists spend a large amount of money on their dream build. Bike theft is also particularly disheartening if a new bike is stolen, but it is a fact that newer, more aesthetically pleasing models will be highest on a bike thief's hit list. It is because of these reasons that bike owners must take responsibility for the security of their bicycles. Within large towns and cities, if a bike is stolen, it is unlikely that the owner will ever retrieve it. Bikes offer thieves a convenient means to escape from the crime scene; in a matter of minutes they will be gone with the bike, and are very difficult to track. However, there are measures which can be taken to reduce the chance of bike theft occurring, with some of the common faults that people make being easily rectifiable.
If leaving a bike outside, a good lock is essential
Cheap bike locks are useless, and do little to stop a committed thief from stealing a bicycle. An experienced bicycle thief will be able to spot a cheap lock, and put simply, will be able to get through it with ease. Within the latter link, the bicycle thief speaks of pushing and pulling the bike until the lock breaks. It is shocking to think that something sold to cyclists to prevent theft, can be overcome so easily. It just adds insult to injury that it does not even require specialised tools. Therefore, a good, robust lock is required. Locks may seem expensive, but in comparison to the cost of replacing a bicycle, especially in the instance of a mid-to-high end model, they are cheap in comparison. Anything you can place on your bike that will slow a thief down, or cause them to raise suspicion through their actions, should be included. Placing a chain through each wheel adds far greater security than a lock alone, and if you are serious about the security of your bike, then two high-quality locks can be used to secure the front and back wheels individually.
Outside VS inside storage
If it is at all possible, bikes should always be stored inside. Understandably, this is not always an option. If a bike is being left outside, it should be left in a sensible location, such as a designated bicycle storage area. Also, try to avoid leaving it in secluded areas, such as walkways or alleys, as this means it can be tampered with, without raising the suspicions of anyone passing by. With that being said, storing a bike indoors is not always a guarantee for its safety. If it makes financial sense to, you should place your bicycle on your home coverage policy, that way, if the worst does happen, some of the financial costs can be recovered. This may seem like a drastic measure, but it is necessary, due to the fact that 80,000 bikes are stolen annually, in London alone. This is a very high number and goes some of the way to explaining why the police are so often ineffective in cases of bike theft - they simply cannot compete with the numbers that they are up against.
Overall, there are measures that can be taken that can prevent bike theft, or in the worst case scenario, cover you against any financial losses. A good lock should be seen as compulsory. Good bikes are easy to spot - the quality of materials used stands out, the brand is there for all to see. It may seem as counterproductive, but perhaps the best defense against bicycle theft, is to not take expensive bicycles into a situation where they are left unattended. Having a cheaper bike to use as a commuter model, and a more expensive model for leisure is a common and valid practice. If this is not possible, then where and how you choose to store your bike when you are not riding it is of paramount importance. Encouragingly, secure bicycle storage facilities are being installed throughout the UK, and these should always be used if they are available. If not, it is down to yourself to make your bike as inaccessible for thieves as possible, because as we have seen, in the case of theft, the police will frequently not offer much assistance.