Home Bicycle Maintenance Training a great success!

Those who run a car, would not think twice to jump in their car and drive 200 miles without checking the car first; for things like the tyre pressures, antifreeze/water and oil levels. Let alone a winter service before the big freeze. As cars have become more reliable than they was 20 years ago, with warning lights telling you something needs looking at. I remember people even washing their own car before they took it on holiday, but don't have the time now. Having the correct tyre pressure not only saves fuel, it also makes your car safe to handle.
Bicycle need as much servicing as a car, if not more. Would you take your bike for a 200 mile ride without first checking the tyres for wear and the pressures? Riding with the correct pressure will help with reducing punctures, tyre damage and handling. I find people have got in to the habit of mechanical things, that they think they last a lot longer without doing any checks or having their bike serviced only when it is not working correctly.
Nowadays bicycles need specialist tools, parts and knowledge to work on, but this does not mean that you need to stop with pre-ride checks and minor adjustments. As this will make the mechanical parts last longer and your cycling will be more enjoyable.

Mike has just completed teaching a 1/2 day Cycle Tech UK practical home mechanics course:
It was great meeting 3 keen cyclists eager to learn all about home cycle maintenance  - very educational and very entertaining! Thanks guys for making it a fun day. Mike Narramore.

Interested in your own Home Bicycle Maintenance Training session in St Albans
Call Mike on 07767 305064 for more information. 

Now you to can learn the basics to make your bike last longer and have a better knowledge and understanding of how your bicycle works. For all other areas and view approved instructors practical home mechanics school

Mike teaching home bicycle maintenance 

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