Starting a mobile bike repair business

I started running a mobile bike business over 10 years ago after running a mobile car repair business for the 10 years previously. I have spent time working in a bike shop and since starting my mobile bike shop I've learned a lot about running a mobile business and in that time I've received a lot of messages asking me for tips and advice. So I decided to start writing out what I've learned and sharing on this Blog. And grew the largest network of mobile bicycle mechanics "Cycle Tech UK" including to help encouraged and support many people to start their own bike business and mobile has grown to widely become known as a serious option as the main choice of service within the cycling community. I'm not interested in it being a franchise, it's more about serving the local community, helping to get more people cycling and working under an umbrella of like-minded business owners who can support each other while growing their own business and gain so much more in our fast-changing world. I also started this Google+ Community as a forum for more questions or discussions.

So, I've got a question for you: What is the number one thing you are struggling with at the moment when it comes to starting your bike business? Just post a comment below or on our Google+ Community to let me know. Your answer will help us serve you better. Thanks again!

starting your own mobile bicycle repair business
Cycle Tech UK - The Network of Mobile Bicycle Mechanics

***OPEN DAY - Start A Mobile Bike Business In 2018***

Thinking of starting your own mobile bicycle repair business?

There are loads of great reasons to start a mobile bike business, and we'll have a look at some of them on this page. But it's worth knowing at this stage that the very best way to get cracking in this industry is with Cycle Tech UK on your side. Not heard of them? They are part of the largest Nationwide Network of Mobile Bicycle Mechanics in the world. They can tell you loads about getting started in mobile bike repairs, and help you do it too.

Unlike most other business opportunities, mobile bike service offers the ordinary individual a realistic chance to start their own business for a reasonable investment, very few restrictions & low overheads. Also a great way as a first step towards establishing yourself and opening your own bike shop.

Before we begin:
I am contacted every day, by those looking at opportunity's, but undecided as to what type of business setup would be best suited to them and their abilities. The reality is that most of them need to ask themselves a lot more questions before they get to the point of how to start and run a mobile bike business. Please first read the following before contacting me:

1. Read ALL this page first.
2. Frequently asked question 
3. Why we are not a franchise 
4. Our top Blog 
5. Next contact me to see how I can help you, start your mobile business. Or to find out if this business is for you before investing in.

What's Next:
Looking for more help, info or advice? You can contact Cycle Tech UK to get help and advice specific to your business setup.

Arranging a meeting or Skype chat:
If you want the freedom of being your own boss but with the support of a national network, working in one of the fastest growing leisure sectors please do get in touch at for an information brochure.

The Mobile Workshop - Meeting me will also include a viewing, so you can see what you are buying into.

Martin has over 20 years' experience in starting, running and organising mobile mechanical businesses.

For chat on Skype. My username: cycletech1
When adding me as a contact, please email me your username and a time to chat can be arranged. Please make sure your Skype account is ready 10 minutes before our meeting is due. Phone call appointments can also be arranged for non Skype users.
Skype Cycle Tech UK

Note: All meetings and chats are only available to those completing a questionnaire that I will send you along with receiving a copy of our information brochure. This puts you under no obligation at all. It helps us to understand your background, circumstances and aspirations, in turn enabling us to better explain how Cycle Tech UK could work for you in our meeting or chat.

Simply Book Meeting or Skype Chat HERE with Martin

Buy Skype Consultancy Chat £40.00
Location: In the area of High Wycombe HP16 or HP27 this will be arranged and will usually be at a good coffee shop or I will make a great Colombian coffee.

Meeting fee: I can experience a high number of enquirers throughout the year and the £40.00 fee is very good value, you have time before to get your questions together and then you can discus face to face in a 2 hour meeting. This will also makeup your mind if this business is for you. Fully refundable to those joining Cycle Tech UK

Cycle Tech Businesss Meeting
Coffee and a chance to talk shop

Short Intro: I first started in the bike trade in 1984 and established Cycle Tech in April 2007 and built the bicycle mechanic business network "Cycle Tech UK" in March 2009, as Cycle Tech UK wanted to help those who wanted to be more professional and full time, giving business setup advice and a business listing of mobile mechanics in the UK on our website. There are now well over 250 mobile bike businesses in the UK, (Some professional and some that are not) with over 100 we recommend to our customers looking for cycle assembly service across the UK. 

Once you know what you need to start your own business and how to find customers, you can go out on your own prepared:

This business is unique, with mobile bicycle mechanics having been around for quite a time offering a great friendly service that conveniently comes to the customer. It's not too corporate for a group of people who are by nature individualistic and happy to be their own boss.
Due to so many enquiries seeking advice and support by people who are setting up their own mobile bike business, we offer unbiased advice and the opportunity to join our growing national network of members/mobile bicycle mechanics.

Cycle Tech UK  has already successfully helped more than 100 new business/members to start up there own business in the last 8 years.

If you are new to owning a business, you will be taking a trip into the unknown. That's where Cycle Tech UK can help and support you.

Mobile Bike Business help from Cycle Tech UK:
  • Informal interview / chat to see if this business is for you 
  • Opportunity to join Cycle Tech UK.
  • Cycle Tech UK offers help & support
  • Business start up with advice and supply of tool kits and parts
  • You run your own bike business independent under Cycle Tech UK name.
  • You have your own suppliers
  • Discounts on training, tools and parts
  • Web listing
  • Trade day meetings
  • You can work to your own vision. (As a Cycle Tech UK member there is a minimum standard, which would be disused first.)
  • How to find customers and how to keep them
  • Advertising and marketing
  • DIY option may still be available for those looking at a different type of bike business and only want business help in certain areas.
  • A day with me to get you up to speed and give you the confidence you need. 
A key ingredient to business success is confidence. The one thing for sure, with the members I have helped. Is that they have wanted to take time, along the way to learn the different aspect of the business, before taking on to much work. It is possible to take calculated risks without fear of failure when you have the confidence, desire and determination to do it.

Side note. In today's fast-changing world, it's not so much what you know anymore that counts, because often what you know is old. It is how fast you learn. That skill is priceless. It's priceless in finding faster formulas-recipes, if you will, for making dough. Working hard for money is an old formula born in the day of cave men.

The first step to your business
Thinking of starting your own mobile bicycle repair business

The first step to your business:

Starting up your own bike business can be an exciting experience where you will be able to pursue long-held aspirations and be your own boss. But before taking that first step, there are a few things to bear in mind and much preparation should be made before taking that leap into the unknown. Before blowing your life’s savings, it’s worth having a long hard think about whether or not starting up on your own is really the right thing to do. There is also the chance that holidays might have to be abandoned during the early years of the business. Starting a new business is both exciting and rewarding, but it is also full of challenges. The level of commitment that you will need should not be underestimated. The success of your business will partly depend on your attitude and skills. This means being honest about a range of issues - your knowledge, your financial status and the personal qualities that you can bring to your new business.

Running a bicycle repair business is not easy, if you are new to running a business, it's going to be a huge learning experience. You will need to work long hours for little pay to build a strong foundation and it's not going to be a get rich quick scheme.

You will soon find that the bike trade is different, from anything else you have encountered in your past working experiences, if you are new to the bike trade there is a lot to get your head around with the way it works.

But it is possible to successfully master and turn a profit from it with the right kind of planning and support. It will help if you are mechanically and business minded or at least have a interest in bicycles. But to really succeed in any business or franchise, it is also important to have the following characteristics and background:
  • The ability to sell yourself and your business
  • Being creative, coming up with unique ways to market your business
  • Self-motivation (even though it is your business, you are responsible for its success)
  • Be flexible to change with any economic situation that may effect your business
  • Being extroverted and trustworthy (especially in service-based industries.) 
To have a better chance of success you need to fore mostly believe in your self and enjoy what your doing this will ensure that you drive and determination needed to succeed. Also be patient, success wont happen over night.

Knowing when to take the leap:

Bicycles have changed a lot in the last 30 years and are not as simple as one first thinks! If you haven't set foot in a bike shop recently you will be amazed at how much has changed. Full suspension, hydraulic disc brakes and carbon frames are now common. (There are also hydraulic rim brakes and electric bikes) If you think you can learn everything in a 2 week course you will be wrong! It takes years of experience, continuing training courses and product knowledge before you can run a successfully business.

If starting a bike business still seems like the right thing to do, the next step is to consider is:

Do your research:
  • Is there a need for my services in the area I live
  • BMX tracks, etc.
  • What is unique about you or your situation that will enable you to be successful at this business
  • How much money do you have to invest
  • What would be the consequences of losing that money
  • What return do you expect
  • Where do I get the information
  • Where do I get help and support
  • How do I start my new business
  • Do you qualify, for any government assistance programs
  • Are you willing to work longer, harder hours including weekends
  • How will longer harder hours, and few holidays affect your family or other relationships
  • What complaints do local cyclists have about existing stores
  • Have you made a financial plan that defines the capital you will need, projects your sales and projects your profits
  • What is your marketing plan
  • What trends in this business are forecast for the nation
  • What plans do you have to acquire additional training for yourself
  • What are the benefits of being a member of the network of mobile bicycle mechanics
  • Is this type of work seasonal
  • Is there a mobile bike mechanic already operating in your area
These are just some of the questions you need to answer! We suggest you contact the people who know best, other mobile bicycle mechanics that were once in the same position and are now running successful business. Find out the highs and lows of running your own business.
Also share the idea with friends and family. 

Find current members visit Cycle Tech UK or chat to me on Skype: cycletech1
For further advice and ongoing support, please email me first with your Skype user name to help stop spam.

Ian from Cycle Tech Solihull tells his story.
How Cycle Tech UK helped him start his mobile bike business.

The next step to your business:
  • What to name your business Or use Cycle Tech your town 
  • Where to find training courses
  • Where to find specialist bike trade insurance
  • Where to find trade suppliers
  • What parts to buy and stock
  • What tools you need
  • What type of van to buy (The mobile workshop)
  • Buy used, new or lease
  • How to kit out your van
  • Where to find product knowledge
  • Where to find support
  • Where to advertise
  • How to build and run a Website
Cycle Tech UK can help! 

To start your bike business is one thing, to keep it going and make a profit is an art.

Steps to Keep Your Business Running Smoothly:
  • Being organized
  • Having a business plan
  • Control of your cash flow
  • Bookkeeping up to date
  • Continue to build stock and stock control
  • Suppliers paid on time
  • Maintaining booking jobs in and work in progress
  • Marketing
  • How to Stay Sane
  • Dealing with seasonal peaks and troughs
  • Expand your mechanical knowledge with up to date training courses
I constantly remind people to not focus on their product, service or widget, but to focus on developing management skills. The three most important management skills necessary to start your own business are:

  1. Management of cash flow. 
  2. Management of people. 
  3. Management of personal time.

Things a typical mobile bicycle mechanic service will provide:

Mobile bicycle repair services provide the necessary checks, repairs and maintenance to keep a bicycle in good working order. Typically, a mobile bicycle repair service will be able to attend a customer on-site in order to carry out repairs and most will also provide a tune-up service in the process. It is strongly advisable to check local mobile bicycle repair specialists through word of mouth and any online information about them. Indeed, making contact with such specialists to find out a little more about them before any problem arises is usually sensible. Furthermore, this would allow the customer to save the mobile bicycle repair specialist's contact details in their mobile. Although there are many things that can go wrong with a bicycle, it is important to check with the mobile bicycle repair specialist what services they provide. Indeed, most customers can expect a comprehensive tune-up to include basic frame and component cleaning, lubrication of the chain including a check on its length and material wear, alignment checks on critical parts such as the wheels and handlebars, adjustments to the steering, crank bearing and to the wheel hubs. Mobile bicycle repair specialists should adjust, lubricate or replace brakes, whilst performing other checks on derailleurs, tyres, seats, nuts and cables. Finally, it is always important for cyclists to look after themselves as much as their bicycles.

"By being original"

Videos from the mobile bike shop

About us:

I established Cycle Tech in November 2007. And I know the strengths and weakness of starting and running a mobile bicycle repair business, which I would like to share with you. The mobile bicycle business can be very profitable. People are looking for new ideas, or are not happy with the standard of service provided in some bike shops. And with the busy life style, are happy with the mobile service. No more putting the bike in the car, having to return 2 - 4 weeks later and able to provide customer care.
Then I established Cycle Tech's Hub in April 2009 to start the network of mobile bicycle mechanics, business help and marketing. I was getting a large number of calls and several e-mails a day, from cyclists looking for service and repairs from all over the country, who were unable to find a mobile mechanic and I was unable to direct them to a mobile bicycle mechanic in there area. Now I can refer new customers, direct to Cycle Tech UK's Map and they can find a mobile bike mechanic close to them. Also the reason I started this site was to let the bike trade know we are out there!
Then expanded in September 2009 to Cycle Tech UK (Most business are very professional, but I was finding some mobile bike mechanics listed on where working part time, or as a hobby and not using the correct tools for my liking to give the right image.) So this network came about for like minded individuals who like to fix bicycles and start there own independent professional mobile bike business, working to the same high standard and service under the same Cycle Tech name and logo. National network for strength & local service.

Mobile Workshop Cycle Tech Hertfordshire
Mobile Workshop Cycle Tech Hertfordshire 

A Fantastic Opportunity to start a mobile bicycle repair business!
If you are looking for a lifestyle change, or move away from a 9-5 grind and generate a higher income, then Cycle Tech UK is where it can all start. 
  • Unique 'you own your own business working under a great brand' unlike a franchise.
  • Your own website, you can update as you like
  • Cycle Tech UK clothing
  • Continued help and business support - we want to be known for offering the best service.
  • See Unique Opportunity To Join Cycle Tech UK
Benefits of our Joining Our Network:
Networking is about developing long-term relationships for mutual gain, raise your business profile, exchange best practice knowledge, source new opportunities and creating a lasting impression with people so that they think of you positively when an opportunity arises. It takes time to develop a two-way dialogue and truly understand the needs of others and so results do not happen overnight.

The Idea is to continue growing our network of mobile bicycle mechanics to be known to the public and trade as a brand, house-hold name and first choice for taking care of bicycles. Cycle Tech UK needs to continue to provide a professional outlook to customers and suppliers alike. In this way Cycle Tech UK can continue to move away from the ‘poor substitute for a bike shop mentality’. Cycle Tech UK is looking for like minded people who are willing to invest into their own mobile bike business working under the Cycle Tech UK branding, operating from a professional mobile workshop. 

I recommend having a informal chat/meet, to see if you like to take things further and if the mobile bike business is for you. I am a mechanic and not a salesman, so you won't be sold anything! Just where I can help you and point you in the right direction.
Often have meetings at Cycle Shows, advertised on this Blog or via email. (Please email me if you like to be added to our mailing list.)

Start your own bicycle repair business
Start your own bicycle repair business

Cycle Tech UK Business Opportunity

National strength local service. Joining fee and annual Licence fee:
Our proven system "Low cost franchise approach" which has been built up over time, sharing with you our knowledge and contacts in the trade, showing you how to build a good solid foundation to your business, and our marketing system which is proving to be very effective. 

The Cycle Tech UK name and logo is an assurance of quality guarantee to our customers that we are all working to a high standard. And all members are committed to maintaining high standards of practice.

Business Offer

We provide a fully comprehensive business in a box (see attached information pack) which delivers our Members a proven and profitable business.

Why is Cycle Tech UK so Unique?

Brand leader.
  • We provide our Members with sales leads.
  • We help you find clients through our on-line media and direct marketing.
  • We provide technical support to help you with those "What do I do about this?" moments
  • Low set-up costs and overheads and high income.
  • Flexibility within your chosen business model.
  • Ability to work from home and generate high income.
  • We deliver a comprehensive business in a box
  • Extra training is delivered in house and covers technical and practical skills, which involves work experience on the road and business setup help.
  • And provide you with on-going support and information as required.
  • Once you are a Cycle Tech UK member, you are invited to spend a day or 2 with me going over your business, all the options listed, any questions and for some hands on work. Photos can be taken for use on websites.
  • Your first £1000.00 minimum stock order from Cycle Tech at trade. This would include using Cycle Tech UK as a reference to open accounts.
  • Option to buy Park Tool kit & work stand at trade. (Approx. £1000.00)
  • Logo and Cycle Tech 'Your Town' Agreement
  • Help with business plan
  • Website listings save you time and money. We don't tie you to just our website you can have your own! (We just ask for a link back)
  • Your business launch and promotion, including on our Blog
  • Discounts on stationery
  • Opening trade accounts 
  • Pricing your service
  • Give advice on tools and what parts to stock
  • Regular meetings at trade shows, where you can meet the suppliers and other CT UK members
  • Insurance details: For mobile bicycle mechanic insurance specialists; to cover work from home, mobile workshop, events, tools, stock, bicycles, Bike hire......
  • Help with advertising (Where and where not to)
  • Professional back-up & support 
  • Choose your exclusive territory
  • Join our list of mechanics, for contract corporate opportunities & fleet maintenance.
  • Continued Internet marketing
  • Networking: Sharing business experience, referrals, you don't feel like you are working on your own
  • Discount at selected training schools: 10% discount on training courses 
  • Cycle Tech UK shares extra support and trade secrets and contacts with members
  • And much more............
Successful business owners surround themselves with experts who have the answers to all there questions. This provides them with sound knowledge to make informed decisions.

New key areas where we have high demand for mobile bicycle repairs, currently available:

Central London all areas - Available with existing service contracts
Glasgow (North)
Harrow & Uxbridge
Portsmouth &Waterlooville - Available with existing service contracts
Slough & Windsor 
Trafford (With customer base)
Tunbridge Wells
Wales (Many areas)
York and Yorkshire 

Fill in the gaps along the south coast Worthing, Brighton and many more..................  
Please enquire about an area not listed. See our MAP for all areas available

The bike shop that comes to you
The bike shop that comes to you

Setup costs:
I recommend a minimum personal investment of £10,000 plus parts is required to cover business set up.
I can help you with a business plan, setup costs & forecast

"Talk to me first" I can help you save money as a Cycle Tech UK Member:
  • Cut costs in your business
  • Save money on business setup costs & running costs
  • Improve performance in key areas of your operation
  • Taking advantage of our bulk buying group service
  • Discounts on training, tools and parts 

Remember Cycle Tech UK is NOT A FRANCHISE. 
I like to help & share my experience with you to build and run your own professional mobile bike business. As a member you join our network, I give you all the information you need, my support and there are no monthly fees. (You would struggle to make a living as a franchisee)  According to the adverts, it's all so easy to achieve! There's no previous experience required!!! 

I am happy to discuss with you the opportunity to set-up your own business:
I can offer a consultation service on an individual needs bases to a full Cycle Tech UK member.
Please Contact me
I can send you a  Cycle Tech UK Members Agreement, for you to read and sign if you wish to join Cycle Tech UK.

As the network of mobile bicycle mechanics grow, there is a need to have a map to outline the work areas of mobile bike businesses. So corporate company's looking for a mechanic to build/service bike(s) can easily find you.

It’s been my experience that your mobile bike business will grow and you will likely reduce the area you cover. And able to offer a better service to the customers you have built your business on locally. Benefiting by having your customers closer, saving on fuel, travel time and response time.  New businesses tend to focus more on the size of their prospective territory rather than on other factors. Territory size is a compelling topic in franchising: Many franchisees are under the misconception that the larger the territory the more insulated they will be from fellow franchisees and the greater the potential for added growth.

The member’s territory represents the foundation of the business. With few exceptions, it’s where your customers, revenues and future growth will come from. If the territory is too small it can make growing sales more difficult. It could also allow for a fellow member on the border of your territory, to vie for customers in your territory. Large territories can be difficult to develop and may require added resources. 
The territory is defined by postcode, population or specific demographics. Cycle Tech UK provides a highlighted map depicting the member’s territory. Cycle Tech UK can change the territory if in the unlikelihood found that customers in the territory area you operate are not being serviced. 
There is so much more to talk about, than what this Blog covers, I would recommend anybody who starts there business under Cycle Tech UK, to meet with me at a trade show or at my location for extra advice, to open trade accounts and any other support.
Remember Cycle Tech UK is not a franchise! Cycle Tech UK is a national network with local service.

My Skype username: cycletech1 please email me first, for me to acknowledge you and make a time to chat!
Top Tip. Don’t squander funds by working with inefficient or overpriced suppliers. Shop around for the best deals. I can help you open trade accounts.

If you build it they will come:

Cycle Tech Bike Clinic
Cycle Tech UK's network of bike clinics

Business Model:
Mobile workshop or collect and deliver?
Are you going to be 90% mobile or will you collect bicycles and do the work back at home in a workshop? 
Which works best and which is most profitable?
Even mobile bike mechanics can’t function without a workshop. There is going to be a time when you need to do repairs at home, also you are going to need a place to store bikes and stock.  
One issue/concern you need to think about, is when picking up bikes and carrying out repairs at home is accessibility of the workshop in relationship to your van. No point taking up valuable time moving bike(s), tools and stock, each time you wish to carry out repairs at home!
You will need a garage/workshop that has power, is dry and secure.
I can tell you everything you need to know to start and grow your own business, which is the best way to work and how to generate more work.
You will need to find your market, how to target customers and the area you will cover. You may find the travelling around London slow and expensive, the whole mobile mechanic business model is a tricky one to get right in a busy city.

Park Tool Home Mechanics School
ParkTool School

Our Practical bicycle home mechanics training school (TM), teaches general maintenance to the pubic.

The big question:

How much money will I make? ££££££££££££££££
It all depends with the way you start and run your business, investment, location, how much work and effort you put in, will have an impact on how you can earn.
You should be able to pay yourself up to £2000.00 a month gross. After your first year.
And still invest in stock and also start to build a cash flow.  How much to charge per hour.
It's going to take over 3 years of hard work building your name and investment in stock before you start to make a reasonable living of  £25 - £35k plus. this will mainly depend on your drive, setup and how you run your business. Most of our mechanics are making a profit in their first year with some simple but efficient steps. "Building a strong foundation is key"

While you are building your business, you still need to pay your personal monthly outgoings. I found it difficult at the start, even with my experience of having worked in a bike shop and having run my own mobile car repair business. There was not much help or information out there when I started. I did not borrow any money only used savings to buy my van, this saved me paying interest and monthly payments. I knew before I started it would be difficult finding parts suppliers, low income during winter time, long working hours and not having a holiday was my main concerns, but I had a good business plan and found a way to overcome these issues.

Can I help you? Yes is the short answer, but it does need to come from you. Like I have said before: You need to have motivation (even though it is your business, you are responsible for its success)

Mobile bike business run by people who are only bicycle hobbyists, and not business people, typically find the going tough in today’s competitive market. Today’s consumer wants high quality, great personal service, at a super-low price.

Starting your business part-time is good way to have a income while you set your business up, but for most people it will be difficult to run this business part time and to make a profit, even working full time it’s going to take over a year to recover your start-up investment. Its not easy running any business, there is lots to think about and challenges. which you need to over come. You will need to do your accounts, pay VAT, TAX & NI. No holiday or sick pay.
I built a small office in the back of my garage. It’s good to keep everything in one place, be organized and keep things separate from your personal life, working on your business and not in it! You may need to get advice from accountant. Also it’s a good idea to have a cash flow. Most business don’t make any money for the first 3 years, all the profit is put back in. But being mobile there is less overheads then running a bike shop. Every £1 you save is the same as a £1 earned. It takes a long time to earn but is all to easy to spend without the right guidance.
The bicycle trade can be a roller coaster ride and it is too easy to become a 'busy fool' but with the right business planning and a chat with me, will start you business in the right direction.

See Business Link. And The Federation of Small Businesses

Avoid Advertising Scams, expensive web designers and advertising company's that say they can make you number 1 on Google etc.....................

Seize the moment:

There are many reasons for beginning your mobile bicycle repair business, now in an environmentally conscious time period. The government are looking for ways to reduce congestion in the city's, rising fuel prices with the bicycle being one of the least-expensive transportation choices available, as well as a wonderful tool for fitness and fun. The bicycle affects peoples’ lives in very positive ways.

Bicycle usage in the UK has grown steadily throughout the years, although its popularity has risen sharply in more recent times. This is largely due to the fact that people have become more conscious of eco-friendly transportation methods and the damaging effects of cars and public transport on the environment. Furthermore, lengthy traffic jams, congestion charges, road tolls and inflated public transport costs (which, in theory at least, should have decreased during the recession!) have driven many people to using bicycles.

Equally, riding bicycles to and from work each day is an excellent way for people to get into shape, which is another major problem affecting the world. As with cars and other forms of transportation, the bicycle is not without its problems. Indeed, bicycles require regular maintenance and can tend to break down quite often if they are routinely neglected. Common mechanical and maintenance related problems affecting bicycles include punctured tyres, faulty brakes, loose wheel and frame nuts, slipped chains and misaligned wheels. Any of these problems can make the bicycle virtually impossible to ride properly. Furthermore, faulty or ineffective brakes can be very dangerous and, in the worst case scenario, these can even prove fatal. Indeed, the perils of bicycle riding should never be underestimated and this is why it is always important to have bicycles regularly maintained and serviced.

The growing number of women cycling are more likely to use a mobile mechanic than visit a cycle shop. Even if they don't cycle them-self's, they don't have the time to take the family bikes to the shop!
Women are happy to ask cycling related questions to the mobile mechanic.
Which include; where is a good place to cycle with children, what is a good bike/type to buy, saddle height/fit and maintenance questions. All of the advice can be given at the comfort of the customers home at a time to suit.

The business information on this Blog/website, any consultancy or support written or verbal  is provided from my experience in the bike trade. And I am not liable for the outcome of your success or failure, loss or damages you may incur. There is no promise or representation that you will make a certain amount of money, or any money, or not lose money, as a result of using Cycle Tech’s products and services. 
As with any business, your results will vary and will be based on your personal abilities, experience, knowledge, capabilities, level of desire, and an infinite number of variables beyond our control; including variables Cycle Tech or you have not anticipated. There are no guarantees concerning the level of success you may experience. Each person's results will vary.
There are unknown risks in any business, particularly with the Internet where advances and changes can happen quickly.
The use of our information, products and services should be based on your own due diligence. 

These are just some of the things I can help with as a member of Cycle Tech. And being part of a network is good for any business. The information is from my experience as a mechanic/sole trader and I can’t guarantee your success. With the right planning you can make your new bike business prepared. 

The Future of Cycle Tech UK:
Branding the right image and keeping customers coming back.
Continue to grow nationally, but slowly for each member to establish their knowledge and skill of their bike business.
Being known for good customer service, building a good name with customer care and able to offer quick response time to customers calls.
Sale of quality goods and cycles.
By taking advantage of our bulk buying group service.

Help make a difference to the environment

Our network is ideal for the changing market, now more bikes are sold online our network can offer national coverage for home bike builds

Always believe in your self, be positive and have commitment in what you are doing.
I hope the above has been useful.
    Cycle Tech London
    "I see my job as a working holiday, it's not actually a job to me, it's become a lifestyle, meeting people, fixing bicycles, talking bicycles, riding bicycles and helping more people to enjoy cycling. I am happy waking up every morning. I don't think you can find that in many businesses or in peoples life's these days. It does not happen overnight, it was planted in me a long time ago, that doing what I enjoy is much easier then chasing money, here the money comes, I also know that I am still learning something new everyday and sharing my business knowledge and skills can change my outlook on life. Our network has grown by having great mechanics on board who share the same outlook. But its down to knowing what you really want and then make it happen"   
    Happy cycling and fixing someone's bicycle
    Thanks for looking Martin Wilkins Cycle Tech UK Group

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