Monday, 13 July 2015

Bike Shop & Repairs Oldham

Business Name: Cycle Tech Oldham

Phone Number: 07504954249 and Shop 01616527566
Contact: Paul Smith

Specialising: Servicing and repairs to all types of bicycle, including Mountain Bikes, Road bikes, Commuter bikes, Folding bikes, BMX, single speed bikes and specialist bikes.
Qualifications: Cytech Level 2

 Cycle Tech Oldham Bike Shop
 Front Counter

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Mobile Bicycle Mechanic Bradford Yorkshire

Business Name: Cadence Cycle Services, Trading as Cycle Tech Bradford
Phone Number: 07931 093299
Contact: Alex Macy, 1 Noble St., Gt. Horton, Bradford, BD73BD
Specialising:  My speciality is all aspects of full suspension mountain bikes, including maintenance, upgrades, bike and suspension setup clinics, hydraulic brake system and fork and rear shock servicing, but bikes of any shape, size and variety are welcome.
Qualifications:  I hold both Cytech Level 2, as well as Cytech Technical 3: Advanced Mountain Bike Wheel Building, Advanced Brake Technology and Advanced Suspension Technology.
Locations: Cycle Tech Bradford operate within a 12 mile radius of BD73BD, covering Bradford, Ilkley, Otley, West Leeds, Dewsbury, Huddersfield, Halifax, Haworth and Keighley.
Alex - Cycle Tech Bradford


Monday, 2 March 2015

Mobile Bicycle Repairs Bournemouth

Business Name: Cycle Tech Bournemouth
Phone Number: 07718741767
Contact:  Andy Downton
Specialising: Cycle Servicing, Cycle Repair, Custom Builds, Di2 Electronics, All work considered, and Cooperate.
Qualifications:  Level 2 QCF certified & Level 3 Diploma VRQ in Cycle Maintenance and Repair

Locations: Bournemouth, Christchurch, Verwood, Poole, Broadstone, Hamworthy, Broadstone  Mostly BH

Mobile Bicycle Mechanic Andy Downton Cycle Tech Bournemouth

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Winter Bike Checks

At any time of the year your bike should be in optimum working condition .
But even more so when the winter conditions put more wear on components and the rider requires performance from tyres and brakes. Many riders store their good bike for the winter and buy a cheap winter bike.

"Cycling in the snow and ice is hard on your bike"

Winter Bike Checks

By preparing frame and components.

Give your bike a good wash before winter sets in
  • Cycle Tech UK does not recommend using a pressure washer to clean your bike or washing up liquid as it contains salt that is corrosive and abrasive. The pressure washer will force water into areas of the bike that it wouldn't normally find it’s way into eg: cable housing, frame structure, hubs, bottom bracket, headset, washing out all the vital oils and greases. You should use a bike wash like MUC-OFF which can be sprayed on the bike and mixed with hot water in a bucket, and using a brush to wash of mud and dirt. Degreaser may be used on chain and sprockets with a small brush. Use clean water in a watering can to rinse off, all parts should be dried off before lubricating. Note: Should take care with disc brakes, to avoid oils & grease on disc & pads as this will contaminate the pads and course loss of braking. These parts can be cleaned with specific disc brake cleaners.
  • Give your bike's frame and moving parts a blast of aerosol lube. Products like Brunox Turbo Spray are great for loosening rusted, stuck, or stiff metal parts but are not ideal as a lubricant for bike chains, wheel hubs, bottom bracket and headsets. DO NOT SPRAY BRAKE BLOCKS/DISCS AND WHEEL RIMS.
By checking your tyres for were or splits will reduce your chances of flats! Running your tyres at the correct pressure will not only improve handling, but will also increase the life of the tyre and reduce punchers.
  • Over time tyres will start to wear out and need to be replaced. Remove the tyres from the wheels and do a thorough check for excessive wear, cuts, and embedded objects like flints and glass.
  • Fit only the correct tyres and size for your bike and the type of riding you are doing
  • Inflate to the correct pressure (Front & rear maybe different) and check every month or before a big ride. A little less air will also improve the tyre’s ability to absorb vibrations from riding over rough roads, so you get more comfort too.
Some riders have a set of winter wheels they use to save the expensive wheels. 
  • Clean and grease hubs, this is also a good time to check bearings and hub for wear
  • Clean and check rim for wear
  • And wheel runs freely between the brake blocks
  • Make sure brake pads have plenty of wear and rim brakes are properly aligned to wheel rim.
  • Check brake wires for fraying and outer cables for splits. 
  • Any rain water that can enter the cables can freeze in the winter and brakes will not operate. By placing a drop of oil (Wet lube) or grease on the ends of the brake wire where it enters the outer cable will stop water entering. 
  • Cable adjustment is correctly adjusted, 
Drive Chain
The drive chain can wear much quicker with the grit and grim that is thrown at it.
  • For a longer life of your chain, don't use de-greaser. Instead use a good quality lubricant, such as Shimano's PTFE. This needs to be applied by shaking the bottle and applied to the chain along the inside of the rollers while pedaling backwards and then allowed to dry. 
  • To clean simply wipe off excess with a rag or for dirty chains spray Brunox Turbo Spray on a rag and wipe the chain then re-lubricate the chain. 
  • Expect your chain to take a beating over the winter and be prepared to replace it after the winter season.
Not only to save yourself from dirt, but to protect your bike
  •  By Fitting good quality mudguards to your bike. 
  • Close fitting mudguards can clog up with slush, ice, and snow and impede your progress. Depending on your bike, mudguards that clip on the down tube and seatpost provide good protection and plenty of clearance. 
Be seen 
  • Short days and falling snow or rain can drastically limit a driver's visibility. Use a powerful, highly visible front light or flashing white LED and at least two bright red flashing LED rear lights. Most winter riders use two bright red flashing rear lights because batteries can fail in cold conditions.

Lastly don't forget to protect yourself and make cycling more comfortable 
    If you are unsure how to look after your bike, please contact your nearest Cycle Technician or book a Winter Service now.

    Monday, 11 August 2014

    Mobile Bicycle Repairs Moray

    Business Name: Cycle Tech Moray T/A bikespokes
    Phone Number: 07801 365710 
    Contact: Kevin 

    Specialising: Servicing and repairs to all types of bicycle, including Mountain Bikes, Road Bikes, Commuter Bikes, BMX and Folding Bikes. I can come to your home or work to save you the hassle of getting your bike to a shop and am fully equipped to carry out everything from a puncture repair to routine servicing, or even a full rebuild. I carry a comprehensive range of spare parts in stock to ensure your bike is back on the road as quickly as possible.

    Qualifications: City & Guilds Level 2 + Advanced Wheel Building and Hydraulic Brakes

    Locations: Inverness, Culloden, Nairn, Forres, Findhorn, Elgin, Burghead, Hopeman, Lossiemouth, Fochabers, Aberlour, Grantown-on-Spey and Carrbridge.

    Kevin & Mobile workshop

    Saturday, 12 July 2014

    Mobile Cycle Repairs Felixstowe

    Business Name: Cycle Tech Felixstowe
    Phone Number: 07881587196
    Contact: David Smyth

    Specialising: Mobile servicing and repairs to all makes of bicycle, including Mountain Bikes, Road bikes, Commuter bikes, Folding bikes, BMX, single speed bikes and specialist bikes.

    Qualifications: City & Guilds Level 2

    Locations: 15 miles around Felixstowe

    Cycle Tech Felixstowe

    Saturday, 5 July 2014

    Mobile Bicycle Repairs Oldham Lancashire

    Business Name: Cycle Tech Oldham
    Phone Number: 07504954249
    Contact: Paul Smith

    Specialising: Mobile servicing and repairs to all types of bicycle, including Mountain Bikes, Road bikes, Commuter bikes, Folding bikes, BMX, single speed bikes and specialist bikes.
    Qualifications: Cytech Level 2

    Locations: Saddleworth, Oldham, Shaw, Littleborough, Milnrow, Rochdale, Heywood, Bury, Bolton, Middleton, Radcliffe, Farnworth, Prestwich, Swinton , Salford and surrounding areas

    Cycle Tech Oldham